2011 Expedition


Due to the overwhelming success of the SOI Antarctic University Expedition 2011, Students on Ice will offer a third Antarctic University Expedition in February 2013. Contact Students on Ice for further details.

Day 13 - Saturday, Feb 26

1143 - Hola from Ushuaia!

Well we are back on terra firma and the weather here in Ushuaia is beautiful! The students and staff are spending the day around town and then tonight we head to Kuar to celebrate a successful expedition!

1713 - Update from U'Antarctica Student, Tom Cullen

It has been an interesting couple of days on the MV Ushuaia.  We said farewell to Antarctica and set course for Tierra del Feugo.  The weather reports were not particularly favourable, with talk of a storm in the Drake Passage.

On our return trip through the Drake, the seas were angry, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli.  We were sailing into a storm, and eventually the Captain ordered our course diverted to the east in order to avoid the brunt of the waves.  Even with that, we were hit with winds sustained at 50 knots (gusting to 70) and waves over 8m high.  From the bridge one could see the waves crashing over the bow, and from the lounge (in the aft section) people and furniture were falling left and right.  It was certainly exciting, and shows the price nature requires of those visiting the southern polar regions.

We have now reached our journeys end.  We disembarked from the ship this morning and are now back in Ushuaia.  Tomorrow morning I begin the long trip back to Ottawa.

***Update from Expedition Headquarters***

With the Drake in "Shake" form on Day 2 of the passage, students and staff were not feeling much up to journaling. In lieu of journal entries we have decided to post all of the Students on Ice Photo Challenge Winners for today! There were 8 different categories, and we are pleased to reveal the winner from each. Congratulations to all of you!


Category: Ambassadors

Winner: Maryam al Joaan

Ambassadors- Great photo of Lee


Category: Antarctic Antics

Winner: Hannah Solomans

Antarctic Antics


Category: Majestic Mammals

Winner: Stephanie Veinot

Majestic Mammals- Leopard Seal feeding


Category: Ice Ice Baby

Winner: Chris McKnight

Ice Ice Baby - by Chris McKnight


Category: Flying Friends

Winner: Tom Cullen

Flying Friends by Tom Cullen


Category: Black Tie Event

Winner: Ken Kontio


Baby Penguin


Category: Land's End

Winner: James Lawson

Land's End - Antarctica


Category: Artsy Fartsy

Winner: Carly Ziter

Penguin through Ice


Congratulations to All of Our Winners!!